Corporate Social Responsibility

Excellentia International understands the social role that all organizations should play and thus we support society via different actions with social responsibility orientation:

– In 2020 we donated a desktop PC to the Anarotirio Pentelis, Athens.

– In 2017 we were awarded by UNESCO for our social responsibility actions.

– In2016 we provided financial assistance to a 3 months old girl in order to deal with meningomyelocele.

– In 2015 we provided financial assistance for the purchase of two life support machines for two girls Myrto and Kiki.

– Since 2014 we print all communication and promotional material in the structures of the Athens Psychiatric Organization helping the reintegration of people with mental disorders in professional life.

– Since 2014 we accept the invitations of institutions for FREE seminars and interactive activities aiming at informing and training adults, children, adolescents and parents for     having a better vocational guidance, personal development, career planning and career development.

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