Strategic Organization

  • Strategic Planning and Development
  • Information Security (GDPR Compliance Programs, ISO27001)
  • Business Plan
  • Cost Reduction Management
  • Operations re-engineering
  • Communication Strategy


Human Resource Planning & Development

  • Workforce Planning
    • Analysis & Job Description
    • Succession Plans
  • Human Resource Recruitment Processes
  • Human Resource Selection Processes through:
    • Psychometric Tools
    • Interviews / Test / Project Sample
    • Assessment Centers
  • Staff Development
    • Induction Plan
    • Test of Educational Needs
    • Design and Development of Corporate training Programs
  • Performance Evaluation System
    • Performance Review and Performance Estimation
    • System configuration using KPIs
  • Remuneration and Motivation System
    • Advisory support to develop a Remuneration and Motivation Program
  • Outplacement Services
    • Layout Plan
    • Complete Employee Preparation for re-entry into the labor market


Statistical Surveys & Studies

  • ANOVA, MANOVA, Factor, Discriminant, Clustering, Classification, Conjoint, Multivariate Data Analysis
  • Business Surveys in all branches of the economy mainly in Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, HRM such as:
    • Focus Groups/Mystery Shops
    • Conjoint Analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys - Complaint Reporting
    • Salary and Motivation for Greece (in collaboration with Kienbaum)


Consulting/Business Engineering

  • Company valuation
  • Production and Processes Programming
  • Project Management Investment
  • Supplier & Technology Assessment



  • Training Senior and Top Executives through Innovative Business Games
  • Seminars: Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Quality, Performance, HRM, Project Management, Risk Management, Quality Management, Accounting for Managers, Financial Analysis, ISO 9000 Internal Audit, Change Management


CSR Development Programs

  • CSR Programs for Employees and their families
  • CSR Programs for the Humanity/Society